The Wire: Two Decades of Paranoid Pronouncements by the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre

Elspeth Reeve of The Wire chronicles the decades of paranoid pronouncements from the National Rifle Association’s most famous face:

“Since the Newtown massacre Wayne LaPierre, the face of the National Rifle for the last 20 years, has said some pretty shocking things, and he will say some more controversial things in his testimony before Congress today. (You can follow along live right here.) But in anticipation of his latest high-profile opportunity to make the case for guns, we took a tour of the archives, and learned that, if anything, LaPierre has toned things down. He hasn’t — yet? — claimed that President Obama is not prosecuting criminals because he wants to stir up public demand for gun control, or blamed murders on one specific rap song, or said the press has one-upped Joseph Goebbels, or engaged in any other Nazi imagery. Indeed, LaPierre spent most of the 1990s warning how Bill Clinton had lead America to the brink of tyranny. Let’s peruse the history of controversial LaPierre comments that led up to the kinder, gentler LaPierre we know today. Many of the comments have the same theme: a paranoid insinuation that the government is coming for your guns.”

Read the whole well-researched piece at The Wire.
The Wire, 1/30/13

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