The Spokesman-Review: Bringing Nazis into the WA Gun Debate.

“It’s almost always a bad idea to make a reference to Nazis in any contemporary American political debate because it shifts the focus away from the issue at hand and onto the rightness or wrongness of the analogy.

That’s what’s happening for opponents of Initiative 594, which would expand background checks for most gun sales and transfers, after a comment by a National Rifle Association spokesman.

[Brian] Judy, an NRA lobbyist, was recorded offering his views of why some people push for more gun control, and why he believes they should know better.

The Jewish Federation for Greater Seattle, which was the scene of a mass shooting in 2006 that left one dead and five injured, issued a statement condemning Judy’s comments and calling for his resignation.

Sen. David Frockt and Rep. Reuven Carlyle, Seattle Democrats, called the comments highly offensive and out of touch with Washington voters: “Comparing any legitimate policy debate in this state to what happened in Nazi Germany is a bridge too far and it has no place in our political discourse.”

Read the full Spokesman-Review article here.

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