Media Matters: Gun Activist Alan Gottlieb Compares Firearm Registration to Nazi Tattooing of Jews.

If you ask Alan Gottlieb about Brian Judy’s Nazi comments, he’ll just dig a deeper hole to stand in. Media Matters has the full scoop here:

“After a National Rifle Association lobbyist equated a proposal to expand background checks to the Nazi policies of Adolf Hitler, a prominent guns rights activist defended the offensive comparison and took it further, comparing gun registration to the Nazi practice of tattooing Jews with identification numbers.


Gottlieb reacted to Judy’s comments on Seattle’s CBS affiliate, saying “I don’t see anything wrong with those remarks,” before comparing the “registration” of Jews with number tattoos during the Holocaust to firearm registration:


GOTTLIEB: Gun owners don’t like the idea that Jewish people had to have, you know, numbers tattooed and registered on their arms. They don’t like the fact that they have gun owners that get registered either.


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