Seattle Times Truth Needle: Gun-rights Ad Misrepresents Law Enforcement

The Seattle Times’ looked at the gun lobby’s ads against Initiative 594 in 2014 and found law enforcement organizations distancing themselves in droves:

Here’s the problem: Several member organizations of WACOPS say they didn’t vote to endorse I-591 and that they don’t want their names listed in the initiative’s campaign ad.

“We haven’t given authorization for taking any position and we just want it removed,” said Capt. Greg Lineberry, president of the Everett Police Management Association, which represents 13 people.

“We wouldn’t get involved in an initiative,” said Chad Davis, president of the Bothell Police Officers Guild, which represents 52 officers and sergeants. “I would appreciate them not using us.”

Representatives from the Black Diamond Police Officers Association and the Federal Way Lieutenants Association also said they did not authorize the use of their name.

“It is something we don’t want to be associated with,” said Sgt. Brian Martinez, president of the Black Diamond Police Officers Association, which represents six people. Martinez added that his group also stays out of political issues.

A representative of the Fife Police Guild’s noncommissioned officers, which includes corrections officers and dispatchers, said their unit of the guild also never voted to endorse I-591.

Jamie Daniels, executive director of WACOPS, told us that the organization had asked the Protect Our Gun Rights campaign to remove the scrolling list — back in August.

After the organization received a complaint from the Everett Police Management Association last week, WACOPS sent another email asking to have the list removed, according to Daniels.

“And I haven’t heard back from the campaign,” Daniels said.

Read the full Truth Needle here.

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