The Seattle Times: NRA Not Making Its Fundraising Disclosures On Time in I-594 Campaign

The National Rifle Association has been getting a lot of heat lately for shenanigans involving its campaign finance reports. Looks like their campaign against background checks in Washington was no exception:

“This spring, the National Rifle Association (NRA) set up an independent spending committee here in Washington to persuade voters to reject Initiative 594, which would expand gun purchase background checks to private sales and transfers. Gun rights advocates, including the NRA, have argued that if the proposal became law it could criminalize ordinary gun owners.

But in its quest, the NRA seems to be overlooking Washington state law.

The NRA has filed at least five campaign fundraising updates late, according to state Public Disclosure Commission (PDC) documents.


Lori Anderson, communications director for the state Public Disclosure Commission (PDC), confirmed that the five filings were late. But Anderson said the PDC isn’t likely to take any action on its own.

‘I think it’s more likely that we’re going to receive a complaint,’ she said.

We reached out to the NRA this morning for an explanation; they haven’t yet responded. If they do, we’ll update. The two latest filings by the NRA have been on time, according to the filings.

A complaint has also been filed to the PDC against the NRA for having not disclosed its spending. That complaint is still under review, according to the PDC.”

Read the full Seattle Times article here.

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