Columbia Basin Herald: Ephrata Resident Gavin Seim Arrested in East Wenatchee Courtroom

“Former Fourth Congressional District candidate and Ephrata resident Gavin Seim was arrested in an East Wenatchee courtroom on Thursday after allegedly interfering with the court and acting disorderly.

Seim, 29, who owns a photography studio in Soap Lake, was attending the trial of Tavis T. Shasteen, 19, of Soap Lake, who was on trail for an October incident in which was arrested and refused to give his driver’s license to a Douglas County deputy.

Seim allegedly got into an argument with a Douglas County district court judge because he wanted to represent Shasteen and because the judge did not want Shasteen’s supporters to live stream the court proceeding, according to a statement from Douglas County Sheriff Harvey Gjesdal.”

Read the whole story from the Columbia Basin Herald.

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