Q13Fox: Father Charged Criminally After 3-Year-Old Son Shot Himself in the Face

Q13Fox looked at 2014’s Lake Stevens shooting and how current state law provides no felony charge when an adult lets a child access a firearm:

“Neighbors were astonished the boy could even reach the weapon.

‘I’m just relieved to hear he’s being charged with something,’ said Kim Hasseler. ‘I feel really strongly that he has a right to own a gun, but that child had a right to be in a safe home and he put his child in danger by having a 3-year-old you know running around with guns accessible.’

“I can’t believe that they would leave 2 kids in a room with a loaded gun,’ said Buzz McLeod.

Even though Michael has recovered quickly, neighbors wonder if his father should be facing a felony instead of a misdemeanor.

‘A felony might be poetic justice,’ said Hasseler. ‘Maybe then he couldn’t own any more guns.'”

Watch the full piece here.

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