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The Gun Lobby has left a long trail of evidence over the years. The purpose of The Archive is to make open source materials available to the general public.

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NRA Lobbyist Letter in Support of Child Access Prevention

“This [CAP] bill is a deliberate attempt to go after those very few individuals who refuse to take precautions necessary to protect young children around them while allowing the responsible gun owner to decide, based on his particular situation, how to keep a loaded firearm within his premises. [This bill] will in no way hurt California’s responsible gun owners.” – NRA Lobbyist Brian Judy to California Senator Bill Lockyer, July 10, 1991

Alan Gottlieb: The Merchant of Fear

In October 1994, Jim Halpin and Paul de Armond published an extensive analysis of Alan Gottlieb and his vast empire of non-profit and for-profit enterprises. It remains the most definitive examination of Gottlieb’s network of corporate enterprises to date. Though the original publication that ran the piece has now gone defunt, the story has been reproduced here on Gun Lobby Watch.

The Gun Lobby’s Attack Against Background Checks: A Washington State Case Study

When the gun lobby wants to stop a state from closing the background check loophole, you’ll often hear the a consistent message about the supposed ineffectiveness of background checks. That’s by design: gun lobby groups work overtime to disseminate false and misleading talking points to confuse elected officials and the public.

Gun Lobby Watch has obtained the very documents that the gun lobby used to disseminate these falsehoods in 2014’s Initiative 594 campaign in Washington State. If you’re fighting to close the background check loophole in your state, or covering the battle over background checks, read these documents – you’ve almost assuredly heard these arguments before.

“Dishonesty is the Standard”: National Rifle Association Talking Points for Initiative 594

“Vote No on Initiative 594”: National Rifle Association Talking Points for Initiative 594

“Attention All Gun Owners”: Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep & Bear Arms (CCRKBA) Talking Points

“Why You Should Vote No”: National Rifle Association of America Washingtonians Opposed to Initiative 594 Literature

“The Myths of Initiative 594”: Phil Shave, Washington Arms Collectors

Gun Lobby “Enemies Lists”

2012 National Rifle Association “National Organizations with Anti-Gun Policies” List


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