Open Carry Was the Only Casualty of the Gun Lobby’s Open Carry Rally

“Today we raise our guns in celebration after scaring our legislators from the floor!”
KOMO, 1/16/15
Rarely has anyone gotten what they want by walking around with a gun. See, for example, every instance of “open carry activists” demanding their right to bring their rifles and shotguns into restaurants. Here the results were similar: no longer are people allowed to openly carry firearms in the gallery.

Unsurprisingly, these “activists” are awfully angry. With the number of times the concept of personal responsibility gets thrown around by the gun lobby, you’d think their people would understand that actions come with consequences. Instead of accepting responsibility, they did this:

“Let us in! We’ve got guns!”


The Oregonian, 1/16/15

“Let’s take our capitol!”
Walking through the doors of the Washington State Capitol, circa 1889
KOMO, 1/16/15


The Patrick Henry Society, 1/16/15

Meet 4th Legislative District Representative Matt Shea (center, without a gun), who apparently sees nothing wrong with openly carried firearms in the gallery above the floor on which he works. I wonder if Rep. Shea would feel the same if the guns were carried by people who disagreed with him politically. Also pictured: sometime Yakima County Sheriff candidate Anthony Bosworth (center in hat, squatting).

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