The Patrick Henry Society: The Myth of WA Gun Rights Groups: Adina Hicks and Alan Gottlieb

Discord inside the gun lobby? We’re shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on here. The Patrick Henry Society takes a deep dive:

“In the ongoing fight for gun rights here in WA, many pro-gun folks have decided to throw their support behind a coalition called WAFLAG. The Washington Firearms Leadership Advocacy Group is an organization made up of many of the groups who claim to fight for gun rights, including the Second Amendment Foundation (run by Alan Gottlieb), and Protect Our Gun Rights WA (run by Adina Hicks). These people campaign and fundraise like mad; Gottlieb, in fact, is known as one of the most effective fundraisers in the nation outside the DC beltway. But are these groups actually working FOR gun rights? And are people aware of who Hicks and Gottlieb really are? We do, and we are bringing readers that data so that they can make informed decisions about who they support and what they’re really about.

This is significant because it also happens to be the address of Second Amendment Foundation, owned and operated by Alan Gottlieb. In fact, research showed that several of the gun rights groups in WA are also in that same building. Interestingly enough, POGR is NOT listed as being there…and neither is WAFLAG—even though all donations for both go to the Bellevue address. In several locations on Facebook, commenters claiming to be close to Atwood/Hicks told people that they should contact her directly by calling Second Amendment Foundation and asking for her. Are POGR and WAFLAG even real groups? Or are they simply fronts for SAF? WAFLAG is not listed as registered with the State of Washington, according to the Secretary of State’s website. Granted, it’s a “coalition” of existing groups, but then where are its donations going? Are they split equally among the groups claiming to be part of WAFLAG? Or are they going to SAF?

Let’s recap. The two driving forces behind ‘gun rights’ in Washington State are…a fraud, and a fraud. The next logical question is whether other groups such as Gun Rights Coalition were aware of all of this before hitching their wagon to Atwood/Hicks and Gottlieb. If they were, then it would seem they are complicit in the defrauding of gun owners. If they were innocently ignorant, then they’re simply guilty of not doing their homework, and I’m certain we’ll see a statement distancing themselves from these two.

Patriots in Washington are not willing to be represented by the likes of Adina Hicks and Alan Gottlieb.

We will stand uncompromising, and we will hold.

We will not comply.

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