The Trace: Arms Expo Openly Defies New, Tougher Background-Check Law

The Trace checks in with Gavin Seim “We Will Not Comply” group in Washington State:

“A handful of national activists also will be in attendance at the expo, including songwriter Jordan Page and Michael Vanderboegh, a cofounder of the Three Percent movement. ‘With the passage of this intolerable act, [Washington] firearms owners are truly ‘behind enemy lines,’’ Vanderboegh, an Alabama resident who has traveled to Washington state twice already since the passage of I-594, tells The Trace. ‘It is the duty of all uncompromising firearms owners to stand with them in armed civil disobedience of such a hateful and patently unconstitutional law.’

“Gun-safety proponents say they weren’t alarmed to learn of the event, and characterize the organizers as a part of a minority group of gun owners in the state. ‘The gap between reality and what these folks are operating off of has only grown in the last six months,’ says Geoff Potter, a spokesman for the Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility. ‘It’s old-school militia rhetoric, and nobody is buying it.'”

Read the full article at The Trace.

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