You Can “Call Me Gav”: Gavin Seim and “I Will Not Comply”

Throughout American history, there have been many great rallying cries: “give me liberty or give me death”, “remember the Maine”, The Battle Hymn of the Republic, and more. Gavin Seim wants to add to the list with something a little less respectable: “I will not comply”.


“No permits. No background checks. Nothing.” – Gavin Seim


Seim doesn’t just not comply with I-594’s wildly popular background checks. Oh no, for it is not just simple background checks that infringe upon his rights! It is every act of the tyrannical/illegal/idiotic government which rips hard-earned American liberty from his grasp!

Seim, you see, is a “patriot”. It is his right, nay, his duty, to refuse the principles of lawful democratic society, no matter the forum and regardless of the importance.

Specifically, he isn’t fond of restrictions on filming in government offices:

Unmarked police cars drive him absolutely bonkers:

The tyranny of local judges really pushes his buttons, and their oppression got him arrested:

And there are also, of course, the ever-present “fruit Nazi” checkpoints:

Give me uninspected fruit, or give me death!

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