Brian Judy’s Paper Tiger Anniversary

One year ago today, news outlets begin reporting that Brian Judy, who is still the National Rifle Association’s western states lobbyist, had compared Washington State’s Initiative 594 to Nazi gun policies. Mr. Judy claimed that common sense gun policies, like the background checks Initiative 594 proposed, somehow led to the extermination of millions of people. He suggested that Jewish supporters of background checks “do not remember what happened” during the Holocaust.

After Mr. Judy’s comments became public, elected officials and community leaders in Washington State begin calls for his resignation and for the NRA to immediately address his comments. The Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle, the target of a mass shooting in 2006, joined others and called Judy’s comments and “ignorant distortion” and “exceedingly dangerous.”

One year on and Mr. Judy is still working for the NRA. One year on and the NRA has yet to say anything about Mr. Judy’s comments.

Here at Gun Lobby Watch, we are unhappily unsurprised. The gun lobby and the NRA have a long history of vile rhetoric and Nazi comparisons (we’ve previously documented some of it here).

It is well past time for the gun lobby to stop comparing sensible and reasonable gun policies to horrific dictatorships, genocide, and Nazi Germany. We can all agree that such comparisons have absolutely no place in a rational discussion about guns in America today.

Is the NRA going to say anything next time one of their lobbyists goes on the kind of rant Mr. Judy did? We wouldn’t bet on it, but we’re going to be here, documenting every bit of it and joining with the community in asking for an explanation and repudiation.

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