HASeattle.org: NRA Rep Doubles Down on Background-Check-Equals-Hitler Rhetoric

HASeattle.org, which broke the story about Brian Judy‘s comparison of Initiative 594 to “Nazi policies”, dug further into some very similar comments by Judy’s cohort, Adina “Atwood” Hicks:


“It’s been almost two weeks since the audio of National Rifle Association lobbyist Brian Judy went viral, drawing broad condemnation of his comments equating universal background checks to Nazi Germany, and calling Jews “stupid” for supporting Initiative 594. ‘These people,’ exclaims Judy, ‘you come to this country and you support gun control? … Hello! Is anybody home here?’

So far, neither Judy nor the NRA have had the balls to give an official response. But on her Facebook page, Judy’s co-speaker at the July 23 event, NRA campaign field representative Adina Hicks, has come to his defense, lauding Judy for ‘speaking the truth and giving a history lesson.’

Hicks herself has a prior history of buying into the NRA’s bullshit ‘background checks equals Hitler’ meme. Introducing herself in a forum on WaGuns.org, Hicks wrote: ‘When I found out about [I-594] and read the initiative, my first thought was Nazi Germany, Hitler’s gun registration and eventual confiscation.’ Because, of course, having to fill out a form to purchase a gun is the moral equivalent of the Holocaust.

But then, that’s the sort of sharp legal reading of I-594 that you’d expect from a disbarred attorney. Adina Hicks is actually registered to vote as Adina Atwood, who was disbarred in 2004 for “multiple acts of misconduct” including abandoning clients and failing to return their fees. Not sure what the circumstances are surrounding her name change, but it seems to be recent, as both names appear on NRA websites, but with the same phone number…”


Read the full article at HASeattle.org.

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