NRA Lobbyist Wants to “Do Away With” Direct Democracy

NRA lobbyist Brian Judy, who drew headlines just last year for (incorrectly and offensively) comparing background checks to Nazi gun policies and suggesting that Jewish supporters of gun violence prevention had forgotten the Holocaust, is at it again. At a recent NRA-ILA Grassroots meeting in the Washington State city of Federal Way, Judy gave his thoughts on direct democracy and ballot initiatives while discussing last year’s I-594, the background check initiative that prompted Judy’s offensive Nazi comparison.

I hate the initiative process. I hope we do away with it. We’re not a democracy. We’re a constitutional republic. And democracy, in my opinion, is mob rule. – NRA lobbyist Brian Judy

(Audio of the event is available here. Judy makes the comment above around the 17:50 mark to the recording.)

We wonder if Judy’s thoughts would be the same if the gun lobby had won in Washington last year; we imagine he would think differently.

You see, Judy’s hatred of popular votes is representative of a fear held by the gun lobby as a whole. They are afraid when the people have a choice. They are afraid when the gun lobby’s arguments are not made in the halls of state houses and capitols, but in living rooms, on street corners, in newspapers and on social media and television. They are afraid when everyday Americans from all walks of life, including gun owners and NRA members, come together and work to help prevent gun violence.

And they are afraid for good reason; when people have a choice, the gun lobby loses. Time and again, when the NRA tries to push their agenda on voters, voters say no. From recall elections in Colorado to the ballot initiative in Washington State, and in state elections from coast to coast, the NRA’s strength is waning and their arguments are become more and more extreme.

Judy’s comments, offensive as they should be to everyone who believes in the value of a vote, shouldn’t be seen merely as an indictment of the NRA and a representation of their fear. Judy’s comments are more than that; they are a sign that the gun lobby is starting to lose their power and that they know it.

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