The NRA vs. Endangered Species

We recently described the NRA’s history of objecting to anti-poaching legislation and their newest target: Washington State’s I-1401. When we published that article, we only had scant proof of the NRA’s desires. Now we have more.

NRA Western States Lobbyist Brian Judy, who discussed his hatred of direct democracy at a recent event, said something else just a few moments later. He gave us a window into the mind of the NRA when it comes to saving endangered species.

Judy didn’t focus on hunting. He hardly even mention endangered species. Instead he focused on one thing, and one thing only: ivory. Judy talked about piano keys and antiques. He talked about pistol grips. But not once did he say a word about the elephants that ivory came from. (Audio of the event is available here. Judy’s comments occur between 1:07:00 and 1:12:00 of the recording.)

Judy’s focus displays the same callous disregard for the realities of the situation as nearly every other NRA argument. They don’t care about the relationship between guns and gun violence because they really like their guns. And they don’t care about the slaughter of elephants because they really like their ivory gun grips.

We don’t know about you, but we think that is offensive and vulgar. Let’s phrase it another way to make it clear: the NRA cares more about holding onto their stuff, with their “cold dead hands” if need be, and buying more stuff than they do about the lives of everyday Americans. And, as much disregard for human life as they seem to have, they care even less about elephants and other endangered species (see Tony Markis shooting an elephant in the face, for example). It’s gross.

To sum up: NRA lobbyists like killing elephants and other threatened and endangered species. They like the parts they bring home. And they don’t think there is any reason to stop either thing.

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