Let’s See What Bob Owens is Doing

Bob Owens, gun rights “journalist” and editor over at Bearing Arms, isn’t a great guy. He’s told you before that “black lives don’t matter.” It seems like now is a good a time as any to see what he has been up to over the past day or so.

Threatening “CRAZED LEFTISTS” (his capitalization):

BO 1

“CRAZED LEFTIST” is clearly an unbiased label

BO 2

Assuming the majority of gun owners agree with Owens, of course

BO 3

“Here’s a threat: don’t threaten us!”

BO 4

Alliterative “little fascist” synonyms: teensy-weensy tyrant, miniature martinet, and diminutive despot.


Claiming people who believe in climate change should be stripped of their rights:


Here’s a list of things Bob Owens has been right about so far today:


Calling employees of Planned Parenthood “evil” and “soulless ghouls”:


Uggg . . .


“Soulless ghouls,” disproven talking points, and victim blaming. It’s a trifecta of awfulness!


Using his great knowledge of Ohio law to claim that no crime was committed in the shooting of 12 year-old Tamir Rice and to compare Rice to “Muslim terrorists”.

BO Tamir Rice

We understand it is confusing, Bob, but pre-teens and terrorists are not the same thing.


We know we’ve spent an awful lot of time talking about Bob Owens recently. We’re sorry. But understanding the rhetoric and beliefs of people, and conversation-drivers, like Owens has an important and meaningful role in understanding the gun lobby as a whole. His extremism isn’t representative of an outlying viewpoint among the gun lobby and its supporters. It is the viewpoint of the gun lobby and its supporters.

We’d really prefer to spend our time thinking and writing about research and way to actually help stop gun violence. But when the gun lobby keeps rolling out these awful, horrific, and extremist messages, we’ve got to address them and call them out for what they are. When Owens is ready to have a real, substantive discussion about gun violence in America and what factual, evidence-based methods (hint: “more guns” doesn’t fall into that category) we can use to at least try to help stop some of it, we’ll be here. We imagine we’ll be waiting for a long time though.

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