Things We’re (Sort of) Thankful For

As it is the day before Thanksgiving and tomorrow is all about family and friends, we figured we’d take a moment today to give thanks for some of the more ridiculous things the gun lobby has done over the past few months. The thing is, we really are grateful for those things; they provide us all with the tools we need to debunk gun lobby logic and point out just how offensive and out of touch a wide swath of the gun lobby is. And that, in and of itself, is a good thing. Without it, beating back their assault on safety and commonsense would be far more difficult.

We’re grateful for gun rights “journalists” and all of the awful myths they propagate. From AWR Hawkins’ xenophobia to Bob Owens’ blatant racism, all of it serves to expose the reality of gun lobby rhetoric. They help us to see and show the truth. And, of course, we can’t forget the times the politicians steeped in gun lobby logic say awful things, like what Washington State Representative Jay Rodne said about refugees and guns earlier this month.

We’re thankful that the gun lobby serves fake history to supporters all the time. Remember, for example, that this is a group that once claimed the American Revolution occurred because of British gun laws. And we are thankful that the gun lobby compares people who are trying to save lives from gun violence to Nazis all the time.

We’re glad they regularly insist everyone who disagrees with them do one thing, while they do another. Hypocrisy is one of their greatest strengths, like all of the times they have “politicized” gun violence after insisting that no one ought to “politicize” gun violence.

We are pleased that some parts of the gun lobby make no bones about hating, and wanting to kill, federal agents and police officers; we haven’t forgotten Mike Vanderboegh’s novel and all of the horrible gun lobby fantasies like it.

And of course we are glad that the NRA apparently doesn’t understand state campaign finance laws, how they work, and that they should follow them. They really don’t appear to be “law-abiding gun owners” when they ignore the law.

But we’re most thankful that the gun lobby show no sign of stopping and, if anything, is getting evermore offensive. They’re still pushing racially-coded (and sometimes outright racist) talking points. They are still against laws and regulations that would, objectively, help keep dangerous tools away from dangerous people. And they still seem to support the violent, secessionist tendencies of some of their supporters. Those things give us hope that someday soon the gun lobby’s off-base offensiveness will be clear to everyone and that most people will reject it wholesale.

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