A New Year’s Prediction

President Obama is slated to announce executive action on guns shortly after New Year’s. It seemed that, given the amount of ridiculous gun lobby rhetoric we read, that it might be fun to predict the gun lobby’s reaction. It was actually pretty easy.
They will use the following meaningless, but offensive and/or dangerous, complaints to respond:

  • “This is lawlessness!”
  • “This President is acting outside his power.”
  • “We won’t stand for these unconstitutional acts!”
  • “Tyranny!”
  • “Anti-American, unpatriotic, hooey”
  • Something about the Holocaust, genocide, or Nazis
  • A gross series of statements about revolt, non-compliance, and revolution
  • “Stuff like is exactly what the Second Amendment was designed to prevent.”
  • “The Second protects the rest; just wait until he restricts speech.”
  • “Defying the will of the people” (read: “doing something we don’t like”)
  • More stuff about tyranny
  • A refresh of that “the American Revolution was about guns” insanity
  • “Meaningless, feel-good measure”
  • “Background checks don’t work.”
  • “This will only impact law-abiding Americans.”
  • Charlton Heston’s “from my cold, dead hands” line over and over again
  • A threat to cut Secret Service funding
  • “Molon labe!”
  • Generalize hand-wringing
  • A lawsuit (which will probably be thrown out, appealed, and thrown out again)
  • Lots of citations of John Lott’s bunk statistics
  • “The President is making us less safe” with no facts to back the claim up
  • A steaming pile of empty rhetoric
  • Misunderstandings the Heller decision (with “reasonable regulation” being fine left out)
  • Larry Pratt will say something unquestionably racist
  • “He’s going to come confiscate our guns next.”

See, that was easy. Now we watch and wait for them to come true. We’d guess that most of what they’ll say is above. But hey, the gun lobby might find a totally new offensive and wrongheaded line of attack to use against common-sense.

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