The NRA Wants You (to Buy Stuff)

You might find yourself wondering if the NRA would be so friendly as to send you a holiday gift guide. You might think that it would make sense if they pushed their merchandise, and that of their funders, as much as possible. You’d be right. But they won’t send you just one gift guide. Oh no, why would they want just one of anything? Here are some of the highlights from the three gift guides that we have found so far, and it seems a reasonable gift to assume that they will email us some “last-minute gift ideas” in the next few days too.

45 Auto Decor Box

Full metal jacket .45 Auto, in a decorative wooden box. Perfect for all your decorative ammo storage needs.


Pistol Grips

New grips for a pistol. Clearly going for the niche market here.



As far as we can tell, it is just a regular black shotgun. We’re not exactly sure how to gift it though . . .


Rifle Laser

Lasers (not the scientific kind)



Heated insoles. Plug-in, remote controlled, heated insoles.


We’re really unsure about that majority of those things. However, those insoles are amazing. We’d love to have a set of those . . .

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