The Return of the Gun Lobby’s Nazi Rhetoric

Adina Hicks, Executive Director of Alan Gottleib’s Protect Our Gun Rights, is back with another offensive and gross Nazi-comparison. You may remember Adina as the disbarred attorney who led the NRA’s on-the-ground efforts against Initiative 594, a popular firearm background check measure in Washington state, or for the time she defended comments made by NRA Western States Lobbyist Brian Judy which suggested that Jewish supporters of common-sense gun laws had, somehow, forgotten the Holocaust.

Having mostly avoided the spotlight for the majority of the year since the NRA’s loss on 594, Adina is back. And, unsurprisingly, she is back with more comparisons of gun laws and Nazism. Audio of the comments Hicks made at a December 3 event in Issaquah, Washington, is below, along with a transcript of that portion, and is also available here. Audio of her full remarks is available here.

And basically I kind of talked myself into these jobs because I was working as a session aide for one of our state senators when 594 was, when they were having hearings on it in Olympia. And we were getting lots of emails on it saying “we need stronger gun laws!” And I thought, well what the heck is this? And I read it and I said “oh my gosh!” Seriously, my first thought was Nazi Germany. Seriously. Because what Hitler did is he registered the Jews, he registered their firearms, he confiscated them, and then he imprisoned the Jews. Germany is not the only example. So you can’t lobby when you’re staff in Olympia, so as soon as session was over I started making phone calls and I called the NRA and I said “what are you guys doing about this?” And I called the Second Amendment Foundation and I said “what are you guys doing about the?” And then I realized, wait a minute, what can I do about it? I have just as much responsibility, as a gun owner and as a citizen, to do something about this.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the gun lobby compare background checks to Nazism. We’re pretty sure it won’t be the last. But, of course, the gun lobby’s whole thought pattern on this is a lie. Not to mention horribly offensive.

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