A Gun Lobby Workman

Some facts: Dave Workman used to be on the NRA Board. He currently works for Alan Gottlieb’s empire, acting as a spokesperson or the communications director for the Second Amendment Foundation and the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. But he also writes an almost daily column (really more of a blog) for the Examiner. It isn’t hard to see why that isn’t actually journalism.

Not only is he not actually a journalist, but Workman is a particularly vocal gun lobbyist. Here are just some of the grosser things he has written over the past few years:

He believes that the history of racist statements and actions by the gun lobby can be dismissed by pointing out, basically, that he knows people of color who have attended NRA events.

Workman 1

He also thinks that an unarmed person stopping a shooter somehow proves that Wayne LaPierre was right when he said that “the only thing that stops bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun.”

Workman 2

Or the time Workman claimed there was no gun violence epidemic, basically because he doesn’t like how that makes people like him look.

Workman 3

There is also the time that Workman more or less claimed that a target left on the doorstep of an organization supporting background checks must have been a stunt because whoever shot the target had bad aim.

Workman 4

He loathes President Obama, but only for reasons he makes up.

Workman 5

Oh, and we can’t forget one of the worst things Workman has written: the time he praised Rick Perry for shooting “varmints” while he comparing immigrants to those same “varmints.”

Workman 6

So now you know the truth about Dave Workman. Next time you see him on your television, being quoted in an article, or on your social media feed, remember that Workman is the kind of guy who thinks immigrants should be shot, gun violence isn’t really a problem we should work to solve, threats are really just propaganda stunts, and that the gun lobby can do no wrong. And, of course, remember that no matter what he claims, Workman is wrapped up in the gun lobby and has been for years.

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