The Gun Lobby Goes To Town (Hall)

Last night we promised you a rundown of what the gun lobby was doing while the more rational side of the gun violence prevention discussion was thoroughly engaged with CNN’s “Guns in America” town hall. It turns out that, even though they decided that showing up in person would be too courageous for them and that driving a couple miles down the road was just too much of an ask, they were more than happy to sit behind keyboards and television monitors and rant away from the safety of their own echosphere. Here’s a quick rundown of just some of what they had to say.
Bob Owens, our on-again-off-again frenemy, staked out his “no compromise” piece of the discussion. Bob, it appears, has forgotten that he can’t have any pudding if he doesn’t eat his meat.


AWR Hawkins (no periods in the initials) watched a totally different CNN town hall than the rest of us. If you for some odd reason really want to read his full “things that should have happend” article, you can find it here. We’ve already suggested that if he wanted those things to happen, showing up might have been a good idea.


NRA commentator and radio host Cam Edwards again forgot the fact that having a gun in the home significantly increases the likelihood that one will be shot. We suppose it is a rational decision if the desire is to increase the risk . . .


Colion Noir, assumed master of NRA youth and communities of color engagement (or, as the case may be, not so much), made up a few things, went on a pretty good Twitter rant, assumed that caring about dead kids does not require action to save their lives (very “thought and prayers” of him), and left out the important fact that men once had the right to rape their wives (the restriction of which did, in fact, equal progress)


Dana Loesch totally missed the point.


Gun Owners of America was all about “Obama’s lies,” as usual.


And the NRA seems to have been so confounded that they just started saying stuff for no good or explainable reason. If you ask them for specifics, we’re sure they’d just say “he just doesn’t.” Of course, we wonder why they don’t much like gun violence prevention measures if they are so concerned about our safety.


Of course there is plenty more gun lobby ridiculousness out there. There always is. If you find anything particularly awful, feel free to send it our way; we’ll have good fun with it at their expense.

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