Just When We Thought the Gun Lobby Couldn’t Get Worse

Quite a while ago now we told you about the NRA’s “vulnerability index,” their best attempt at discussing the things which increase the risk someone will be a victim of gun violence or crime. The whole thing is abjectly offensive and doesn’t actually address anything real or actual vulnerable groups, individuals, and situations. We figure that the NRA could probably use a little bit of help here, so we’ve written a real “vulnerability index” that actually addresses real concerns.

But before we get to that, here is a quick reminder about the NRA’s version. It is, in short, a racist and sexist piece of fear-mongering foolishness. It isn’t even the kind of racism and sexism common today; it is the kind that would be more it home in Jackson, Mississippi in 1955 than contemporary America. To save you the trouble of reading the whole thing, which you are more than welcome to depending on your desire to be offended and how masochistic you are feeling, here is a quick and dirty summary of the content, paraphrased for clarity:

“If you are a woman, you are weak and vulnerable so get a gun. Black people are scary, violent criminals, so if you are ever around them, get a gun. Older people are targets, so if you are older, you should be scared and get a gun, particularly if you are a weak, vulnerable woman who spends time around uncontrollably violent Black men who want to violate you because they are Black men.”

That is seriously what they mean.

Now, much like the NRA’s vulnerability point system, here is a real list of things which increase your risk, instead of bigotry.

  • Is there an unsecured firearm in your home? +500
  • Has a friend or family member recently been shot? +250
  • Have you been diagnosed with a serious mental illness? +100
  • Do you identify as a member of the LGBTQ community? +125
  • Are you a man born between 1986 and 1998? +175
  • Do you live in a state with lax gun laws? +150
  • Is your partner abusive? +200
  • Is the median income in your neighborhood less than that of the region? +50
  • Are you a Black man? +125
  • Have you been shot previously? +225
  • Do you believe that you are a “good guy with a gun” and that you are going to stop a “bad guy with a gun”? +25
  • Have you ever claimed that it is “better to be judged by twelve than carried by six”? +75

Now, compare that to what the NRA thinks makes someone vulnerable:

VI 1And, we ask again, which side of this debate has a better idea of the causes and impacts of gun violence? ‘Cause only one side is talking about the real issues here, while the other is talking about spandex pants.

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