Alan Gottlieb, Hypocrisy, and Political Violence

Frienemy of the site and master of mailing list salesmanship Alan Gottlieb, who runs multiple gun lobby groups out of his small office in Bellevue, Washington was, once again, invited to spew his reached foolishness on that most fair and balanced of outlets, Fox News. But Alan wasn’t just there to share his normal fact-free rants about how “guns make people safer.” Oh no, Alan was there to blame “liberal leftists” and political rhetoric for the shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise.

Here’s what Alan said:

When liberal leftists support the assassination of President Trump on stage what do you expect to happen . . . Hate speech and actions incite this kind of violence. It is time for Democrats like Reps. Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Chuck Schumer, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and many of the talking heads at CNN and MSNBC to shut up.

And for the inevitable “your sources are broken” gun nut yelling about fake news or something, here is a link to the primary source, and a second source, run by Gottlieb, which echoes the comments. So your fake news screeds are just lies told by fools, k?

Now, for your average gun lobbyist, those comments would be a surprisingly normal kind of thing to say. But for Alan it is a particular and specific kind of hypocrisy, plain and simple.

See, when a production of the same play Alan is complaining about assassinated a parody of Barack Obama on stage, Alan was nowhere to be found. Was that not the same thing, Alan?

Where were Alan’s complaints when an Obama lookalike was blown up in film? He certainly wasn’t going on national news programs to talk about how offended he was and how dangerous it is, that’s for sure.

And when women are murdered by violent “men’s rights” idiots, where has Alan been? Oh, that’s right, he’s literally been publishing anti-feminist fantasies!

When transgender women are beaten and killed in massively disproportionate numbers, is Alan speaking about how we have to protect LGBTQ members of our community for violence, and particularly that carried out with guns? Nope. Instead, Alan published anti-transgender hate propaganda.

Was Alan outraged when a Pennsylvania politician called for Obama to be lynched? Nope. What about when a West Virginia mayor called Michelle Obama an “ape in heels”? Alan had nothing to say there. Or the time that a football fan wore a noose around his neck and an Obama mask on and went to a game? Silence from Alan then too.

What about the time that Trump ally Carl Paladino said that Barack Obama should be infected with mad cow disease and left to die? Was Alan making the rounds to talk about how violent rhetoric spurs violence and has no place in politics? No, no he wasn’t. He was sitting in his office, under his neon gun sign, impatiently waiting until he could fill out his ballot with a vote for Donald Trump.

Or how about when violent vigilantes were using gun lobby justifications for shooting young Black men? Well, Alan wrote a book with an incongruous chapter defending George Zimmerman, claiming that Trayvon Martin’s death at his hands was just. And when four racists shot Black Lives Matter protesters in Minneapolis, was Alan horrified by the violence and the rhetoric around “thugs” and “Black criminality” which inspired it? No, Alan was completely silent about it.

What about when a man was shot by members of the “alt-right” at a protest just a few miles from Alan’s office? Was Alan angry that the right was pushing lies about violent protesters and agitators? Nope, Alan had nothing to say then either, even when the violence was so close to home.

And, of course, there is the violence rhetoric spread against Hillary Clinton during and before the 2016 campaign. Was Alan fighting against the “lock her up” chants and calls for Clinton’s literal murder? No, of course he wasn’t. Because Alan was too busy publishing some of the conspiracy theories which underlie the vitriol and hatred, and threats, flung at Clinton and making baseless claims about how Clinton was going to attack the lifestyle of his Second Amendment Foundation denizens. And when he wasn’t tied up spreading conspiracies, he was too concerned with making sure his organization’s money stayed in the family to counter the rhetoric and hate.

See, Alan doesn’t really care about violence and violent rhetoric in politics. He’s made a career of selling fear and violence. What Alan cares about is power, pure and simple. And anything that looks like a threat to that makes him lash out and play the victim. But Alan isn’t a victim. Alan is an aggressor.

But don’t let a little thing like hypocrisy stop you from ranting, Alan. It’s your own history of pushing violent rhetoric that should stop you.

To make his own words stronger, Alan should sit down and shut the hell up.

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