Just some of the times the NRA has used “weapon” to mean gun

We heard that gun lobby “journalist” and NRA media employee Grant Stinchfield was very, very displeased that real journalists had the gall to refer to guns as weapons. Well, we figured that maybe he’d like a refresher on all the times that your bosses at the NRA have done just that. Here’s a sample of them, just from one of the NRA’s magazines and almost all from the past year. Don’t worry though! There are plenty more examples for Grant to find.

This article about Uber’s gun policy

This photo gallery about guns for fighting aliens (?!)

This article about a North Carolina robbery

All throughout this article about the Heller decision

This ridiculous thing about terrorism in Europe

One guns in the Czech Republic

This feature on gun laws in California

This variation on that “the New York Times is evil” thing the NRA loves

This thing by former NRA President Allan Cors (sort of)

This gallery of Confederate guns

More vaguely xenophobic and counterfactual stuff about Europe

This listicle about AR-15s

This article about carrying guns in Oklahoma

This article about crime gun destruction

This article about gear at the Carry Guard Expo

This one about the Carry Guard training program

Here’s one about women’s self-defense

This weird Fabio quote

Here’s another gear article

One about an attack at Ohio State

Something about Bill Weld

A positive thing about more guns in New Mexico schools

This seems to be a book review . . . ?

It’s in the Kimberly Corban thing

This is about gun laws in Wyoming

And here’s one about gun laws in Alabama

This one is about the Army’s contract with SIG Sauer

Enjoy your reading, Grant!

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