Background Checks

A New Year’s Prediction

President Obama is slated to announce executive action on guns shortly after New Year’s. It seemed that, given the amount of ridiculous gun lobby rhetoric we read, that it might be fun to predict the gun lobby’s reaction. It was actually pretty easy. They will use the following meaningless, but offensive and/or dangerous, complaints to… Read more »

Approaching Halloween, NRA Confuses Fact and Fiction

Perhaps they are confused because of their ever-present fear of an unlikely bad guy. We’d imagine that Halloween is particularly frightening if you are waiting for something scary to happen every other day of the year too. Fear isn’t really a good excuse for totally ridiculous and off-base claims though. As is probably obvious by… Read more »

The NRA’s Latest Thoughts on Statistics

The gun lobby loathes statistics. They particularly dislike it when people actually study gun violence. The NRA has prevented federally funded studies for years and years. But, every now and again, a study finds funding somewhere, results are released, and the NRA is there to react without really thinking. Usually, they deny that the results… Read more »