Extreme Risk Protection Orders

The Law That Could Stop the Next Charleston

The gun lobby has a general philosophical opposition to precisely the type of legislation that would empower families and law enforcement to stop the next Dylann Roof, Elliot Rodger, Ian Stawicki, and Naveed Haq.

Shawn Vestal: Gun Rights Advocates Take Risk by Objecting to Bill

The Spokesman-Review’s Shawn Vestal dove deep into how the gun lobby blocked Extreme Risk Protection Orders: “The gun lobby has again helped undermine a piece of common-sense public safety legislation. The proposal, Washington House Bill 1857, would have allowed judges to issue temporary “extreme risk” protective orders against people deemed dangerous to themselves and others,… Read more »

Seattle Times: Gun-Law Activists Miss Target as Olympia Holsters Most Bills

The Seattle Times looked at the fate of several gun-related bills in the 2015 Washington Legislature, including Extreme Risk Protection Orders: “Another would haven given authorities a path to take guns from people exhibiting dangerous symptoms of mental illness. That bill, known as the extreme-risk protective order, got a hearing in the House but stopped before it… Read more »

HASeattle.org: State House Democrats Kill Extreme Risk Protection Orders Bill, and With It, Countless Innocent Lives

HASeattle.org looked at Extreme Risk Protection Orders – and the State House of Representatives’ failure to move the bill out of committee: “As we tragically learned from both the Cafe Racer and Jewish Federation shootings, family members are often fearful of and for the shooter, but lack the legal tools to keep deadly weapons out… Read more »