Fibs, Lies, and Other Tall Tales

Here’s Why Guns Don’t Save Lives

After every shooting and in every discussion of gun violence in America, the gun lobby will eventually roll out the same talking point. They’ll claim that guns save lives. They are lying. The claims they make fall into one of two varieties: it’s either “there are millions of defensive gun uses which save lives every… Read more »

The Gun Lobby’s Concealed Carry Lies

The gun lobby would like you to believe that their top legislative priority, concealed carry reciprocity, is nothing more than common sense. They would like you to think that gun laws should travel with people, and that out-of-state visitors shouldn’t be held to the same standard as residents. They want you to think that guns… Read more »

Irresponsible Doctors for Gun Lobbying

Before we get into a real discussion of Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership, we’d like to note that their acronym is DRGO, making them a half-step short of being the bad guy in Rocky IV. Maybe less than a half-step . . . Here’s the first thing you need to know: Doctors for Responsible Gun… Read more »

A New Year’s Prediction

President Obama is slated to announce executive action on guns shortly after New Year’s. It seemed that, given the amount of ridiculous gun lobby rhetoric we read, that it might be fun to predict the gun lobby’s reaction. It was actually pretty easy. They will use the following meaningless, but offensive and/or dangerous, complaints to… Read more »