Fibs, Lies, and Other Tall Tales

Guns and Cars, Data and Bias

Recently, the Washington Post published a CDC data set and graphs showing that gun deaths and motor vehicle deaths occurred at the same rate in 2014; 10.3 people per 100,000 were killed in incidents involving each. Since motor vehicle deaths have been dropping precipitously over the past decade or so, and gun death rates have… Read more »

Guns, Cars, and Trolls

We posted something a week or so ago about how national gun deaths rates and car death rates are now about equal. One of our trolls showed up to ask “why aren’t you calling for car bans?” Well, we figured it might be handy to have a quick response ready for next time that happens…. Read more »

How Gun Lobbyists Respond to Conspiracy Theories

Firstly, they generally don’t (unless passively accepting them counts). But when they do, it isn’t pretty. It is usually gross. Here is an example. We gave you a glimpse into the heart of the Washington state gun lobby’s awful and offensive rhetoric earlier this week. Now it is time for another taste of the same…. Read more »

The Return of the Gun Lobby’s Nazi Rhetoric

Adina Hicks, Executive Director of Alan Gottleib’s Protect Our Gun Rights, is back with another offensive and gross Nazi-comparison. You may remember Adina as the disbarred attorney who led the NRA’s on-the-ground efforts against Initiative 594, a popular firearm background check measure in Washington state, or for the time she defended comments made by NRA… Read more »