Fibs, Lies, and Other Tall Tales

WA Rep. Jay Rodne Pushes Gun Lobby Logic

We usually try to stay out of state politics when they don’t directly connect to the gun lobby. Sometimes we get our buttons pushed so badly and so hard that it is a serious struggle. Over the past few days, a state politician we’ve had our eye on for a while got us bad. And… Read more »

Fundraising the NRA Way

Wayne LaPierre wants our money. Thankfully, we’re not particularly inclined to send him any since, among many other and better reasons, the last time our resident member renewed his membership, he was promised an NRA branded knife in 6 to 8 weeks as a thank you gift from them. It has been like 12 weeks… Read more »

Trolls Send Us Articles, We Refute Articles

We love our gun rights trolls. They call us all kinds of wonderfully offensive names (we got “libtards,” Nazis, Obam-unisits, and fascists back to back to back recently), don’t seem to understand why asking leading and repetitive questions is not the same as making an argument, and send us amazingly awful articles to base our… Read more »

Approaching Halloween, NRA Confuses Fact and Fiction

Perhaps they are confused because of their ever-present fear of an unlikely bad guy. We’d imagine that Halloween is particularly frightening if you are waiting for something scary to happen every other day of the year too. Fear isn’t really a good excuse for totally ridiculous and off-base claims though. As is probably obvious by… Read more »