Fibs, Lies, and Other Tall Tales

Gun Lobby Logic: American Revolution “Precipitated” by Gun Control

The gun lobby loves to claim the cause of any given historical event is, in fact, gun control. We’ve documented their passionate Hitler references and off-base claims about the Holocaust. A film titled Innocents Betrayed, put out by a group called Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (which recently merged with Alan Gottlieb’s Second… Read more »

Nazis and Elephants: A Gun Lobbyist Goes Hunting

The recent killing of Cecil the Lion got us thinking about the gun lobby’s position on African trophy hunts. We’ll get more into legislative efforts in the coming days, but we are wanted to start with two unfortunately common themes: the NRA and comparisons to Nazis. Tony Makris was the host of a canceled NRA-sponsored… Read more »

Brian Judy’s Paper Tiger Anniversary

One year ago today, news outlets begin reporting that Brian Judy, who is still the National Rifle Association’s western states lobbyist, had compared Washington State’s Initiative 594 to Nazi gun policies. Mr. Judy claimed that common sense gun policies, like the background checks Initiative 594 proposed, somehow led to the extermination of millions of people. He suggested… Read more »