Gun Lobby in the News

When News Becomes Something Else

Usually, when you think of local news stations, you probably think if thirty minutes at 5:30 or in the early morning filled with bad jokes, weather and traffic, a consumer help segment, and waterskiing squirrels. That isn’t always the whole story though. Around the country, Sinclair Broadcast Group owns and operates more local stations than… Read more »

The Gun Lobby Goes To Town (Hall)

Last night we promised you a rundown of what the gun lobby was doing while the more rational side of the gun violence prevention discussion was thoroughly engaged with CNN’s “Guns in America” town hall. It turns out that, even though they decided that showing up in person would be too courageous for them and… Read more »

Research, Lawsuits, and Gun Lobby Fear

We know that research, data, and even just numbers can help us to solve gun violence. It isn’t a difficult thing to understand; any issue that impacts a large number of people is inherently easier to work on when we know all of the facts. But the gun lobby seems to distrust and dislike any… Read more »

Things We’re (Sort of) Thankful For

As it is the day before Thanksgiving and tomorrow is all about family and friends, we figured we’d take a moment today to give thanks for some of the more ridiculous things the gun lobby has done over the past few months. The thing is, we really are grateful for those things; they provide us… Read more »