Gun Lobby in the News

Everett Herald: In Our View: NRA’s Paranoid Style of Politics

After the National Rifle Association’s senior Washington lobbyist compared background checks to “Nazi policies”, the Daily Herald of Everett, Washington editorialized on the organization’s use of “fear” and “misuses of history”: “Fear, like the misuses of history, works. Paranoid politics feeds the lesser angels. It’s only by throwing light that we understand the nature of… Read more »

Seattle P-I: Bullet-Riddled Target Left Outside League of Women Voters Office

The Seattle P-I reported: “A bullet-riddled target was deposited outside the League of Women Voters of Seattle-King County at some point during the three-day Fourth of July weekend, an action which the League links to its support of Initiative 594 on the November ballot. The League’s offices on Capitol Hill ‘were targeted last weekend by… Read more »