Gun Lobby in the News

Bob Owens: “Black Lives Don’t Matter”

Usually we aren’t all that concerned with year-old blog postings by gun rights “journalists.” Sometimes though, one of our favorites, like Bearing Arms editor Bob Owens, rehashes an old post that is just too awful to ignore. This particular post has a bit of everything we’ve come to expect from “journalists” like Owens: paternalism, a… Read more »

When “No Compromise” Becomes More Ridiculous

Gun Owners of America likes to present itself as the “no compromise” gun lobby. Of course, so does every other gun group that positions itself in opposition to the NRA in order to fundraise. But sometimes it is worthwhile to remember what being a “no compromise” group means. GOA gave us a great reason to… Read more »

Another Formal Investigation of the NRA

In 2013, a complaint was filed in Rhode Island against the National Rifle Association. That complaint alleged that money spent by the NRA’s state PAC came, in fact, from the organization’s national PAC, in violation of Rhode Island laws. A few months later, the NRA agreed to pay a $63,000 in response to the complaint…. Read more »

Let’s Not Pull Punches

October 1, 2015: a day like any other in America. And one punctuated by yet another shooting. Brian Williams interviewed a military veteran this afternoon; the veteran, a student at Umpqua Community College who was on campus at the time of the shooting, survived another school shooting at a high school in Roseburg in 2006…. Read more »