Gun Lobby in the News

The NRA’s Campaign Finance History: Washington State

Last week’s campaign finance complaints filed against a state-level subsidiary of the NRA in Connecticut reminded us of another set of complaints. These complaints, thought, weren’t filed in Connecticut, but in Washington State. Washington, home to some of the strongest public disclosure laws in the country, has very specific regulations on campaign finance. Campaigns are,… Read more »

Ted Nugent’s Nasty News

You know Ted Nugent is gross. You know he sits on the board of the NRA. You know he is a bigoted, sexist, racist, and pretty much every other kind of socially leprous –ist he can be. But did you know that he is this gross? That’s right. Not only does The Nuge unsurprisingly agree… Read more »

This Month In Gun Lobby Logic

The gun lobby’s talking points are generally predictable, repetitive, and factually wrong. Here are the best examples from the past month: Channeling Rick Perry’s “Gun Free Zones are a Bad Idea” Shortly after the shooting in Lafayette, Rick Perry claimed “that the concepts [sic] of gun-free zones are a bad idea.” As we know, the… Read more »