Just some of the times the NRA has used “weapon” to mean gun

We heard that gun lobby “journalist” and NRA media employee Grant Stinchfield was very, very displeased that real journalists had the gall to refer to guns as weapons. Well, we figured that maybe he’d like a refresher on all the times that your bosses at the NRA have done just that. Here’s a sample of… Read more »

A Gun Lobby Workman

Some facts: Dave Workman used to be on the NRA Board. He currently works for Alan Gottlieb’s empire, acting as a spokesperson or the communications director for the Second Amendment Foundation and the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. But he also writes an almost daily column (really more of a… Read more »

What’s the Gun Lobby Doing Today?

Today is the third anniversary of the shooting at Sandy Hook. While we remember and continue to mourn the deaths, we also decided to take a look at what the gun lobby is up to today. Have they, for example, offered their thoughts or any remembrance of the day? The answer obviously ought to be… Read more »

Let’s See What Bob Owens is Doing

Bob Owens, gun rights “journalist” and editor over at Bearing Arms, isn’t a great guy. He’s told you before that “black lives don’t matter.” It seems like now is a good a time as any to see what he has been up to over the past day or so. Threatening “CRAZED LEFTISTS” (his capitalization):  … Read more »