National Rifle Association

Just When We Thought the Gun Lobby Couldn’t Get Worse

Quite a while ago now we told you about the NRA’s “vulnerability index,” their best attempt at discussing the things which increase the risk someone will be a victim of gun violence or crime. The whole thing is abjectly offensive and doesn’t actually address anything real or actual vulnerable groups, individuals, and situations. We figure… Read more »

Stuff the NRA Says: “Background Checks Don’t Work”

We must admit, this is something they say all the time. Over and over and over again. With as much as they say it, it is boggling that they are always talking about how we need to add more records to the NICS system. We’ll just chalk that one up pure, unadulterated pandering to those… Read more »

America’s First Freedom: Media is “Stupid”

America’s First Freedom, our absolute favorite of the NRA magazines (and not only because of their awesome graphics), has a new hit-piece out: “Five Stupid Things the Media Believes About Guns and Gun Owners.” A few of those “stupid things” piqued our interest, so we figured that now was as good a time as any… Read more »

The NRA Wants You (to Buy Stuff)

You might find yourself wondering if the NRA would be so friendly as to send you a holiday gift guide. You might think that it would make sense if they pushed their merchandise, and that of their funders, as much as possible. You’d be right. But they won’t send you just one gift guide. Oh… Read more »