National Rifle Association

The NRA Wants You (to Buy Stuff)

You might find yourself wondering if the NRA would be so friendly as to send you a holiday gift guide. You might think that it would make sense if they pushed their merchandise, and that of their funders, as much as possible. You’d be right. But they won’t send you just one gift guide. Oh… Read more »

What’s the Gun Lobby Doing Today?

Today is the third anniversary of the shooting at Sandy Hook. While we remember and continue to mourn the deaths, we also decided to take a look at what the gun lobby is up to today. Have they, for example, offered their thoughts or any remembrance of the day? The answer obviously ought to be… Read more »

NRA’s Chris Cox Deflects Criticism

Usually the National Rifle Association doesn’t bother to respond to mass shootings. It doesn’t fit their agenda to actually say anything about the terror and havoc their agenda has wrought. But this time, they did something a little bit different. They responded in an editorial published by USA Today and penned by NRA-ILA Executive Director… Read more »

LaPierre’s New “Demons”

Oh has Wayne LaPierre’s got a treat for you. It’s got everything we’ve come to expect: fear-mongering, “more guns” rhetoric, scary imagery, and demons. We could just post the video, but this time it is worth looking at the NRA’s language. Below is a transcript, with notes, clarifications, and refutations by us. Before we begin… Read more »