National Rifle Association

Another Formal Investigation of the NRA

In 2013, a complaint was filed in Rhode Island against the National Rifle Association. That complaint alleged that money spent by the NRA’s state PAC came, in fact, from the organization’s national PAC, in violation of Rhode Island laws. A few months later, the NRA agreed to pay a $63,000 in response to the complaint…. Read more »

Fundraising the NRA Way

Wayne LaPierre wants our money. Thankfully, we’re not particularly inclined to send him any since, among many other and better reasons, the last time our resident member renewed his membership, he was promised an NRA branded knife in 6 to 8 weeks as a thank you gift from them. It has been like 12 weeks… Read more »

Elections are Almost Here. Where’s the NRA?

With tomorrow’s elections right around the corner, we figured we’d take a quick look at where the NRA stands on a few candidates and issues. As usual, the NRA has endorsed a large number of candidates, generally incumbents in local and state elections (around 120 state house or assembly candidates, 65 state senate candidates, 8… Read more »

Approaching Halloween, NRA Confuses Fact and Fiction

Perhaps they are confused because of their ever-present fear of an unlikely bad guy. We’d imagine that Halloween is particularly frightening if you are waiting for something scary to happen every other day of the year too. Fear isn’t really a good excuse for totally ridiculous and off-base claims though. As is probably obvious by… Read more »