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Colion Noir: One in 8,065 Vigintillion

We’d forgive you if you don’t know what a vigintillion is. It is a number with 63 zeros at the end. When you have 8,065 of them, you have a number Colion Noir loves. In his newest video, Noir lays out a deck of playing cards on a table and claims that the odds of… Read more »

How Not to Debunk a Statistic

All day today, the NRA has been refreshing and sharing a months’ old article about the number of guns sold without background checks in response to an Executive Order issued by Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe. Think and believe what you will about the 40% statistic McAuliffe uses, that isn’t what we want to discuss. In… Read more »

Colion’s Dystopian Confabulation

Colion Noir has a new video out (“A Message from the Future”, a phrase which should never be said without accompaniment from a synthesizer and a theremin) in which he presents us with an apparently dystopian vision of the future. To be honest, we’re not entirely sure what his dystopia involves; it seems to mostly… Read more »

Cam Edwards: The NRA’s “Newsman”

Cam Edwards is the host of a daily NRA program which attempts to provide listeners with the latest and greatest in “gun rights” news stories. Edwards’ program, however, suffers from quite a few fatal flaws; it regularly presents the worst of the gun lobby and its rhetoric. Here are a few of the more egregious… Read more »