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A Gun Lobby Workman

Post Type: Post    Date added: January 31, 2016

Some facts: Dave Workman used to be on the NRA Board. He currently works for Alan Gottlieb’s empire, acting as a spokesperson or the communications director for the Second Amendment Foundation and the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. But he also writes an almost daily column (really more of a… Read more »

A New Year’s Prediction

Post Type: Post    Date added: December 31, 2015

President Obama is slated to announce executive action on guns shortly after New Year’s. It seemed that, given the amount of ridiculous gun lobby rhetoric we read, that it might be fun to predict the gun lobby’s reaction. It was actually pretty easy. They will use the following meaningless, but offensive and/or dangerous, complaints to… Read more »

Alan Gottlieb, Hypocrisy, and Political Violence

Post Type: Post    Date added: June 16, 2017

Frienemy of the site and master of mailing list salesmanship Alan Gottlieb, who runs multiple gun lobby groups out of his small office in Bellevue, Washington was, once again, invited to spew his reached foolishness on that most fair and balanced of outlets, Fox News. But Alan wasn’t just there to share his normal fact-free… Read more »